Displacement 125 CC
Max Torque 14.000 RPM

Born to follow the CIK regulations of the new International Junior category, the DDJ owns different specifications from its predecessor. After a few seasons the clutch and the electric ignition disappeared to move on to a totally new project, a challenge Vortex faces with its usual enthusiasm, aware that these are the moments the genius and the manufacturing ability of the factory are highlighted.

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The DDJ engine as well as its KFJ predecessors, keeps unchanged the 125 cc displacement but goes back to the direct drive. The engine, as per regulation, mounts the rev limiter at 14,000 RPM and the 20mm carburettor.

The track did not disappoint expectations and on the occasion of the international competitions reserved to the new OKJ class, the DDJ Vortex immediately showed off his qualities, becoming the absolute protagonist of the category. Reliability, performance and easiness of use, make the DDJ the best engine for the CIK Academy category.

Displacement 125CC
Engine 2 stroke
Cooling System Liquid-cooled through external pump
Exhaust Oval exhaust and 2 boosters
Bearings Radial bearing C4
Bore and stroke 54x54,29 mm
Max Torque 14.000 Rpm limited
Accensione Push-to-start system with decompression valve
Carburettor N.
Silencer N.
Exhaust Optional Cik-Fia T18JR
  • Reed valve intake in the crankcase
  • Push-to-start system with decompression valve
  • Mixture-lubricated
  • Cast iron CNC made cylinder
  • 5/5 transfer ducts intake
  • Piston ring L type
  • Balance shaft