Displacement 125 CC

Vortex never lost the charm of the challenge with the powerful engines equipped with gearbox, actually since the nineties it has been manufacturing engines for this category.

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Each Vortex engine with the gearbox was born according to the guidelines of the business philosophy, pursuing: innovation, refined processing and high quality for any single component. The result of this multi-annual work took to the outstanding RKZ model, an engine considered with admiration and respect in the category with the gear.

The RKZ is the direct descendant of the World Champion engine 2014, the RVZ, however it owns manufacturing features of the project and has quickly been able to attract international attention by winning, in the season of its debut, countless international titles.

Displacement 125CC
Engine 2 stroke
Cooling System External pump liquid-cooled system
Exhaust Oval exhaust with 2 boosters
Bearings C4 radial-bearings
Bore-stroke 54x54,29 mm
Ignition PVL analogical Ignition
Carburettor Dell'orto VHSH Ø30mm CS
Silencer N.
Fuel Pump Dell’Orto
ExhaustHomologated Vortex 5/M/21
  • Intake reed valve in the crankcase
  • Number of transfer ducts: 5/3
  • Mixture lubricated (with Petronas Rok Lube)
  • Cast iron CNC made cylinder
  • Front clutch gear shift
  • Dry clutch
  • Ring with special coating