In karting as well, “24 Hours of Le Mans” means challenge, duration and speed. This year on the Le Mans circuit, the brand new ROK DVS engines made their début. DVS immediately showed their great potential and reliability. The success achieved in the “E” Masters category thanks to Bouilland, Foulatier, Bourdon and Davail from La Manche-Kart Mag 2 racing team is the first step towards a future where the ROK DVS engine will be playing a leading role in Le Mans too.

At the start of the French karting marathon, six Vortex engines were lined up: one KF, one Super Rok and four Rok DVS.

Our engines had wonderful performances in every situation of the hard competition; the La Manche-Kart Mag 1 team (Tony Kart / Rok DVS - drivers Lecarpentier, Compere, Becamel and Godefroid) sprang forward to the first row, resulting first in the “E” category.

Also the other teams powered by Rok DVS and Super Rok engines brilliantly stood out, to the point that other four karts equipped with Vortex engines resulted in the top ten of the rating. Besides the La Mache-Kart Mag 1 team mentioned above, Ain Anjos Malevaut Sport (Tony Kart / Rok DVS - drivers Simmenauer, Lacaze, Barbarin and Collignon) reached the fourth position, La Manche-Kart Mag 2 (FA Kart / Rok DVS – drivers Bouilland, Foulatier, Bourdon and Davail) achieved the seventh position, Le Mans Malevaut Sport (Tony Kart / Super Rok – drivers Le Floch, Paquier, Mongondry and Declerc) the ninth position and Orne Speed Adventure (Tony Kart / Rok DVS - drivers Baloche, Carlin, Gibier and Richard) the tenth position.

At the end of the 24 hours, the best team powered by Vortex was Le Mans Malevaut Sport, classing seventh in the absolute rating with the Super Rok.
The first great satisfaction for the Rok DVS in Le Mans arrived with the victory in the Masters category (over 35 years old drivers), reached by the La Manche-Kart Mag 2 team.

We have to underline that all the teams powered by Vortex ended the race without any big problems during the whole duration of the 24 Hours race.