• In 2007 we celebrated the KF engines era with a sequence of memorable victories. Today, we store this period with as many successes.
  • Two World Championships, KF (Basz) and KFJ (Sargeant), represent a successful season at   best.
  • CIK-FIA European Championships in KZ, KFJ and Asia Pacific are the other precious laurels  obtained by our several partners.
  • The many victories project us with enthusiasm to the new challenge of the newly produced engines, DDS, DDJ and RKZ.
  • Among the pearls of a  winning 2015, the Rok Cup plays a leading role

With the advent of the KF engines, in 2007, the Vortex brand opened to a new successful period. In the first season our engines were already able to impose in the World and European Championships for KF1, in the European Championship for KF2 and KF3 categories, as well as in the Asia Pacific championship and obtained an endless series of victories in the national championships.

That winning streak has continued incessantly until now and also 2015 will be recorded as a formidable year that makes us proud. Karol Basz (Kosmic Kart Racing Department) and Logan Sargeant (Ricky Flynn Motorsport) won, respectively, the World Championship of the categories KF and KF Junior.

The world titles have come next to other CIK-FIA laurels, such as the European Championships for KZ with Flavio Camponeschi (Tony Kart Racing Team) and that of KFJ with Christian Lundgaard (Ward Racing), not to mention the great success in the Asia Pacific event with KF Haruyuki Takahashi (Tony Kart Racing Team Japan) and the International Super Cup won by Laurent Thomas (Team Goudant Cédric).

The winning streak continued even in the WSK International Series with the titles obtained in the Champions Cup with Nicklas Nielsen in KF class and Clément Novalak in KFJ, both Tony Kart Racing Team. In the Super WSK Master was Marco Ardigò who gave us the title of the KZ category and in the Gold Cup we have excelled thanks to Camponeschi, in KZ class, and Basz, in KF class.

Spectacular and numerous were also the many victories in one-shot events like the WSK Night Edition won by Lorandi (Baby Race) in KF class and by Sargeant in KFJ, as well as the Winter & Bridgestone Super Cup that saw the Camponeschi (KZ), Nielsen (KF) and Lungaard (KFJ) on the top step of the podium.

All victories, those listed above, achieved in different categories, different circuits, scattered all over the world, witnessing most of all the competitiveness of the RVZ and RKF engines. All statements that give us a tremendous boost to launch the challenge to the next generation of kart engines, wanted by the International Federation.

With this perspective, and thanks to the successes obtained, but at the same time aware that what has been done already belongs to the past, we look forward to the 2016 season, to assess the quality of the work done with the newest models we produce, DDS, DDJ and RKZ.

Vortex is aware that the importance of the successes achieved and the quality of our products is equal to the work done as a Rok Cup promoter. Our brand, which we are proud organizers, as well as manufacturers of engines, is constantly growing and makes us consider Rok Cup between the brightest achievements of the year 2015.