British National Championship 2nd round

The first round of the British National Championship ended with a very positive sign. The unique supply of the Vortex OK and OKJ engines was appreciated and also the second round of the BNC, held at Shenington circuit (15 and 17July) can be recorded with full satisfaction.


24 drivers of the OK Senior category (powered by the Vortex DDS) and eighteen young men of OK Junior class (powered by the Vortex DDJ) attended the competition; the engines have proved to be reliable and efficient allowing drivers to express themselves in the best way.
The event record has once again brought to the forefront OK Junior driver Jonathan Hoggard (KR-Sport team), who won both races in Shenington after the success in both the opening tests. Morgan Porter (BMR team), finished second in the two debut races and he also repeated the result at Shenington, winning after Hoggard and ahead, in race-1, Mark Kimber (Strawberry Racing Team) and in race-2 Kiern Jewiss (KR-Sport Team).
On next September 23 to 25, on the occasion of the final round at PF International circuit, Hoggard will run with a full score.
Even in Senior OK class, a driver excelled on all the others, he was the Scot Dean McDonald (Team Strawberry Racing), who has won all four races so far.
The place of honour was shared by Oliver Hodgson (PF International) and Jacob Stilp (Mad-Croc Team).

Race Calendar:

- 28-29 May. Whilton Mill Circuit

- 16-17 June. Shenington Circuit

- 23-25 September. PF International Circuit

Senior OK and Junior OK standings: