Vortex protagonist of the second round of the WSK Final Cup

On the 7 Laghi circuit in Castelletto di Branduzzo, Vortex engines brilliantly stood out thanks to Laurens Van Hoepen (OKJ), Nicklas Nielsen (OK) and Axel Bengtsson (KZ2)


After the first round in Lonato, Vortex engines got back to the track in the weekend of November 8th-11th for the second round of the WSK Final Cup, staged on the 7 Laghi circuit in Castelletto di Branduzzo. The competitiveness of our engines was stressed out immediately in the OK Junior direct drive category, where the 39% of all drivers used our DDJ (22 out of 57 registered drivers). Among them, the fastest in the qualifying heat was Kirill Smal (Ward Racing), author of an excellent 1’03”933 on wet track, after that, he centered three victories and a third place in the eliminatory heats, which lead him to the first position in the final Top 10 of the qualifying heats. Here, also other two drivers centered the top 10: Kai Askey (sixth) and James Wharton (seventh), both with the Ricky Flynn Motorsport’s team colors and with two second places and a bronze medal currently. In Final, instead, was the Dutch Laurens Van Hoepen (Tony Kart Racing Team) who showed off the performances of our DDJ, conquering the second position ahead of Smal (third), Ten Brinke (fifth), Askey (seventh) and his teammate Josep Maria Martì (tenth), for a total of five Vortex drivers present in the Top 10 of the OKJ Final race.

In the OK category, our Vortex DDS engines reached their success even before getting on the track, since they have been chosen by 20 drivers out of 45 registered (44%). The fastest in the wet qualifying heats on Friday was Nicklas Nielsen (Schumacher Racing Team), author of a 1’02”943 from which he then conquered a victory, a second and a third positions in the eliminatory heats. Also his teammate Zsombor Bence Kovacs proved to be up to the situation with a second and a third position, Harry Thompson (Ricky Flynn Motorsport) with a victory, a silver and a bronze medal, Viktor Gustafsson (Kosmic Racing Department) with a success and a third place and finally Sami Meguetounif (Team Oakes), who closed the Top 10 with his tenth position, at the end of the qualifying heats, where we find five Vortex drivers. In confirmation of the excellent performances of our engines, in Final were five again the drivers conquering a place in the Top 10:
Nicklas Nielsen (fourth)
, Sami Meguetounif (fifth), Viktor Gustafsson (seventh), David Vidales (eighth, Tony Kart Racing Team) and Zsombor Bence Kovacs (tenth).

Concerning the KZ2 shifter class, on the 7 Laghi circuit in Castelletto di Branduzzo, our RKZ Vortex engines got to the track with Axel Bengtsson, Kosmic Racing Department’s standard-bearer. The Swedish driver got off to a good start during the weekend, centering the third time in the qualifying (1’02”028) despite the wet asphalt, continuing with a victory and a second place in the eliminatory heats. These results earned him the fifth position at the end of the heats, which he improved in prefinal with a fourth position, enabling him to spring forward from the second row in the Final. Here, Bengtsson took advantage of the great performances of our RKZ Vortex engine, thanks to which he defended the third absolute position under the checkered flag.