RVXX engines are the absolute leaders in KZ1 and KZ2 categories. Dreezen gains the first position in the WSK Euro in KZ1, the most prestigious category. Torsellini won on the occasion of his debut, running with our engine in KZ2 class, at the drive of a Tony Kart chassis.
In KF3 class many drivers employ Vortex RAD engines and fight for the win.  In this last category Lorandi won the WSK Euro’s second round, Gaglianò signed the pole in the first round of the CIK European Championship and Piccini, at Varennes too, jumped from the first row at the end of the heats. In KF2 Camponeschi fought for the success in the French competition of the WSK Euro Series.

After the success of both the Winter Cup with Rick Dreezen and the WSK Master with Marco Ardigò, the good succession of Vortex RVXX 125 engines’ victories is going on. On the occasion of the seasonal debut of the WSK Euro Series, one of the most prestigious and demanding championship at International level, our engines achieved an excellent double win with Rick Dreezen, Tony Kart Racing Team’s driver. At the International Circuit of Naples (Italy) Dreezen won both races, thus heading the classification in the most followed and important category, KZ1.
In the second round of the WSK Euro, at Val D’Argenton, our engines proved to be in the top positions, both for their performances and reliability. 
Armand Convers, driver of a Kosmic Kart Racing Department’s partner team, got on the podium with a deserved second position in the very final of Sunday.
Rick Dreezen, despite his first difficulties, could perfectly recover, gaining scores that confirm him at the top of the general classification.
Marco Ardigò reached the podium first, but this deserved ranking has been cancelled after the race. Tony Kart Racing Team-Vortex’ driver got the penalty for having committed a transgression during an excited overtaking.
Notwithstanding this, Ardigò gained a good score and he is now in second position, 50 points far from the other Vortex driver, the already mentioned Dreezen.
Other than these important results obtained in KZ1 category, is Mirko Torsellini with his success on the occasion of his first competition with our RVXX. The young Italian driver won at the French Circuit of Val D’Argenton and jumped to the second position of the championship’s classification, with 59 points and 9 ones far from the top.
The success arrived in the categories with the gear are not the one and the only and much satisfaction comes also from KF categories.
Just in the second WSK Euro’s competition we could assist at the final success of Alessio Lorandi, Baby Race team’s driver, in KF3 category, now second position with 85 points.
In the cadet class we also wish to remind the pole position obtained on the occasion of the first round of the European CIK Championship, held in Varennes, by the Rok Talent Award’s winner Giuseppe Gaglianò (we will tell about him later on).
Once more in the European’s first round Alessio Piccini gained the first row at the starting grid thanks to the excellent performance held during all heats.
In KF2 category we missed the success, for the moment, but our RAD performances are at the top of the category. Flavio Camponeschi actually missed the success in the last round of Val D’Argenton for a hair’s breadth