The first round of the CIK World Cup in Suzuka gives us three victories, one pole position, three best laps in race during the finals and four podiums. A record which has been set and increased since the assignment of the Asia Pacific's title to Nielsen in KF2 category, at the drive of a Kosmic Kart. The podium in KF2 category was fully Vortex branded, with Fioravanti and Panetta obtaining the second and third position respectively, at the winner's shoulders.
It's not our style to have an air of triumph but the results gained on the occasion of the first round of the World Championship and in the Asia Pacific Championship, KF2 category, are unequivocal.
Flavio Camponeschi and the Tony Kart Racing Team won not less than three out of four world finals scheduled at  the circuit of Suzuka. The fourth success was missed just due to an inconvenience which forced Camponeschi to go back of several positions. In the final steps also another Vortex driver, the Japanese Daiki Sasaki, at the drive of a Kosmic Kart chassis did not succeed for a hair's breadth. He was also the author of the excellent pole position obtained on Saturday, with 47.346 ahead of another driver with a RAD engine, Pedro Hiltbrand, running on a FA Kart chassis.
Other than the already mentioned very good performances, we also wish to remind the three best laps gained by Kasai and Sasaki, during the very finals.
Summing up the sequence of the impressive results obtained by Vortex engines in Suzuka, we have not less than three victories in KF1 category, three second positions gained by Kasai and a third step of the podium achieved by Camponeschi. Such quality-results lead our two drivers at the two first position of the world ranking.
Once more in the master class important to be reminded are also Armand Philo Paz's performances, at present in the ninth position.
As for KF2 category, we were awarded with the first CIK title of the season, in the Asia Pacific Championship.
This time again we can not tell of a success but of a true and decisive supremacy of our engines and official teams.
Winner of the title was Nicklas Nielsen, Kosmic Kart Racing Department's drivers, who preceded the Italian drivers Damiano Fioravanti and Federico Panetta, both of them official drivers of the Tony Kart Racing Team. The two Tony Kart-Vortex drivers also recorded the best lap in the prefinal (Fioravanti 48.869) and in the final (Panetta 49.038).
The Vortex podium, from the technical and quality points of view, is already significant and if we also add not less than six RAD engines in the first seven positions, the enthusiasms cannot be hidden.
In the light of what we achieved in both categories we could go without saying that Vortex engines are the most successful both in KF1 and, evidently in KF2 category.

Giovanni Corona – Vortex Manager
 “I cannot hide my happiness for the many victories achieved and for the success in its whole. I congratulate with everybody, the team and the drivers for the work done.
It's not in my nature to rejoice too much at a good result, even though if this importance, I prefer to look at the next targets.
Another very important exam is expecting us in ten days, the European Championship of KZ and KF2 categories.”