Tony Kart-Vortex still playing the leading role within the International press: Auto Sport.

The chief protagonist of the weekly Auto Sport is the Tony Kart-Vortex again. The important Portuguese magazine dedicated a special to our products exclusively, the tester Paolo Bombara focuses on the Racer EVR chassis model and on the RAD engines (KF2 configuration specifically) and on the RVXX engine (for KZ2).


Thanks to the “super test” carried out by Auto Sport Portugal, our products are attracting the interest of the international pres all over the world. Go Racing (USA), Karting Magazine (UK), Vroom Magazine (I), Auto Sport Japan, Auto Sport UK, Kart Mag (F), Zona Rossa (I), gave special importance to the Tony Kart, Vortex, Kosmic Kart, FA Kart and Exprit products with special dossiers. In the next months we will have other important space within the international press.