• Final competitions of the season for Vortex with the World Cup of KF2, KF3 categories and the World Cup of KF1 category
  • Vortex is a winning manufacturer and the leader promoter of the Rok Cup
  • Rok Cup Italy 2012 is running on Sunday 16th in Siena
  • The Rok Shifter is going to be celebrated in Siena. The new engine which will introduce the new Rok category with the gear box
  • The Rok Cup International Final in Lonato will take place on Saturday, in order to allow the celebration for the 10th anniversary of the Rok Cup

The competitive season han not finished yet since some of the main events have still to be run, particularly the World Cup of KF2 and KF3 category and the World Cup Final of KF1 class. In all these events Vortex will aim at succeeding.
However Vortex activity is much more structured and other than the important events that will see the Racing Team on the track, Vortex will also be engaged in the promotional and organisational activity for its Rok Cup championship. Actually the Rok Cup Italy is starting on this weekend (15th and 16th) at the Siena International Circuit with the event assigning the Italian title, and thus closing all the four area's championships (North, West, East and South).
There is much to wait for from the Rok Italy event, not just in terms of the success of the Rok categories, which is growing and growing, and of the high numbers of registered drivers, but most of all for the upcoming opening world introduction of the Rok Shifter. This engine will enrich the Rok Cup family in 2013, with a new category with the gear box. By the introduction of the Rok Shifter the extraordinary range of products is complete, as no other world's karting manufacturer can dispose.
The Rok Cup, with its current structure, largely satisfies all young and very young drivers with the Mini and the Junior Rok, furthermore it does not let down passionate drivers' expectations with the single-gear karts, thanks to the reliable Rok engine and lastly with the Super Rok young champions and experienced drivers are allowed to really train for the top fights. The Rok Shifter is going to complete the products' range with a powerful category, equipped with the gear box and with all the best qualities of the well known Vortex Championship.
At the end of the Italian Final it is the Rok Cup International Final's turn, scheduled from the 10th to 13th of October at the South Garda Circuit of Lonato. This event, celebrating its 10th Rok Cup anniversary will end up in a party on Saturday night, closing the 2012 event!

Giovanni Corona – Vortex manager
“We are excited for the several engagements we will attend in this final part of the season, both with the Rok and with our Racing Team, Tony Kart, Kosmic Kart and FA Kart.
We nowadays more and more believe in the plan we developed 10 years ago, with the production of the Rok engine and the promotional activity, when we decided to expose ourselves to a difficult and new task. Today we could say we won that fight, however we are not fully satisfied since we more and more believe in the Rok Cup and the introduction of the new Rok Shifter means Vortex wish to continue in its research, promotional and organizational Rok Cup program. We want to go on in the development of the category, now more than ever.
To all the protagonists of the upcoming Rok Cup Italy I wish good luck!”