Vortex 2012. World victories and Rok Cup

Two pearls for the Vortex RAD. World Championship for KF1 and World Cup for KF3 Success in the CIK-FIA Asia Pacific for KF2 and KF3 at Suzuka and Macao with Nielsen e Daruvala XVI Super Nationals USA: last race and last win of the season WSK Series. The first success of the season comes with Ardigò in KZ1 category Victories in WSK with Dreezen (KZ1), Torsellini (KZ2), Fuoco (KF2) and the new entry driver Lorandi (KF3) CIK-FIA positive performances at the European Championship Rok Talent Award. A unique success for a unique prize Rok Cup ha celebrated the 10th anniversary along with a fantastic season, with the Rok Shifter  and the 4T 


World Championship for KF1 and World Cup for KF3. Both success frame one season full of big result for our brand. It’s the CIK-FIA World Championship for KF1 and the CIK-FIA World Cup for KF3.  Our partner teams, Tony Kart Racing Team and Kosmic Kart Racing Department, and their respective talented drivers, Flavio Camponeschi and Luca Corberi, were deservedly awarded. The World Championship and the World Cup for KF3 category represent the highest exploitation of the RAD 125 potential. In KF1 category the engine is employed at its highest speed but not exceeding the 16,000 Rpm as for regulations. While KF3 category is the opposite of KF1 and due to a limitation to 1,200 Rpm its use is very limited. For winning in one ofe these “extreme” categories, with the same engine, clearly means the work done by Vortex was perfect as well as the efficacy of our Racing Service at the track. In the World cup other than the title won with Flavio Camponeschi, we took to the track the Japanese driver Daiki Sasaki to fight for the success and finally we obtained not less than three victories, four times a second place and three times a third one (one of them gained by Pedro Hiltbrandt), two pole positions and three best-laps in race.

CIK-FIA Asia Pacific KF2 and KF3. The satisfaction for the season 2012 does not come only for the two very important titles since the primates obtained are many and they concern once more the RAD engine. At Suzuka, in Japan, we fully conquered the podium of the CIK-FIA Asia Pacific of KF2 category with the Kosmic Kart driver Nicklas Nielsen’s success. He was followed by two other Vortex drivers, Damiano Fioravanti and Federico Panetta, both running with the Tony Kart Racing Team colours.
CIK-FIA Asia Pacific was the conquest territory for our engines and also in KF3 category, at Macao, Jehan Daruvala (Rayo Racing team) won the title.

XVI Super Nationals USA. Several were the important victories gained at international level particularly in the prestigious and exciting category with the gear, KZ1. First place, on the occasion of the XVI Super Nationals USA, was gained by Marco Ardigò, closing the 2012 Vortex season with a further success.

WSK Series. Ardigò is also the driver that took us the first title of the season in the WSK Master Series, with two victories in the opening heats. Moreover, his teammate Rick Dreezen were able to succeed in the Master class.
The season also saw us leaders in the WSK Euro Series with Dreezen winner of two competitions in KZ1,  but forced to withdraw for the fight to the title because of a puncture to a tire just when he was close to the success in La Conca. So he had to accept a bitter second place in the Euro Series.
In KZ2 category Mirko Torsellini obtained a good result, on the occasion of our engines debut at the French circuit of Val D'Argenton where he won race-2 perfectly. Very important was also the success obtained in KF2 category by Antonio Fuoco, first place at La Conca in the WSK Euro Series.
Several were also the victories gained all over the world by private teams and drivers who took advantage of the main potential of the Vortex engines; among them is the young driver Alessio Lorandi (Baby Race team), winner of three competitions both in the WSK Master and in the Euro Series.

CIK-FIA. Kosmic Kart Italian drivers, Fuoco (KF2) and Corberi (KF3) achieved the second place in race-2 on the occasion of the second round of the European Championship, held at the PFInternational British circuit.

Rok Talent Award. Among the most important and unforgettable moments of this demanding 2012 is the pole position gained on the occasion of the first competition of the European Championship for KF3, held at Varennes, by the Rok Talent Award driver Giuseppe Gaglianò. The big and unique project that awards the talented drivers running the Rok Cup worldwide, won in 2012 by the Italian Federico Squaranti (KF3) and by the Japanese Nirei Fukuzumi (KF2). 
Waiting for the two Rokkers is the Vortex official seat on 2013 to attend the World and the European Championship.

Rok Cup. The year 2012 represented the tenth anniversary of the mono-brand Rok Cup promoted and managed by Vortex all over the world. Celebrations took place on the occasion of Rok Cup International Final held in Lonato (Italy), but the biggest party has been celebrated during the whole year, thanks to the Rok drivers who attended the championship with a lot of passion and enthusiasm, exactly according to the Rok Cup spirit. The tenth year of Rok came together the birth of two excellent products enriching our engine range of products and our Rok Cup 2013. They’re the Rok Shifter and the Rok 4T. The four drivers who won the Rok International 2012, Clinton Bezuidenhout (Mini Rok), Leonardo Pulcini (Junior), Parkins Nathan (Rok) and Cristopher Zani (Super), are the best testimonial for the International trophy, more and more popular and appreciated for its technical and sporting qualities as well as the very good management promoted by the whole Vortex staff.