Super Nationals USA and WSK Nations Cup’ s success in KZ2 category


Our RVXX engines ended up this season with a double and excellent victory: Super Nationals USA and WSK Nations Cup.  We won the fourteenth edition of the American competition thanks to our Tony Kart Racing Team and Marco Ardigò, just after seven days from the last European International event, the WSK Nations Cup, held on the Italian Circuit of La Conca

On the occasion of both events our engines showed off excellent performances and great reliability, closing with a well know double-win at Las Vegas, with Rick Dreezen. The Italian success, obtained at the International Circuit of La Conca, was even more satisfying than the superlative success of RAD engine, with the Tony Kart Racing Junior Team, in KF2 category. It was the British Chris Lock conquering the Nations Cup’s title. In the race reserved to the KF2 category our engines were the absolute protagonists of the whole event. WSK World Series’ Champion, Sébastien Bailly, from the Kosmic Kart Racing Department, signed the pole position and won two heats. Furthermore another qualifying competition has been won by D’Agosto (Tony Kart Racing Team). The very Final both for KF2 and KZ2 categories was live on RAI Sat TV, offering an involving show to the numerous television viewers. All our Racing Teams raced at the top and drivers, Bailly (Kosmic Kart), Nortoft (Ricky Flynn Motorsport), D’Agosto and the winner Lock, were all the pretenders of this final victory. In KZ2 category, our engines proved to be the leaders, at top of classifications, with the poleman Dreezen.  He has actually been the author of a clear win in the prefinal and he only gave up during the final when his team-partner Ardigò put on the scene a great recovery. Important were also all the performances of the drivers racing with RVXX  who gave evidence of spectacular performances  with four best-lap rounds out of five, of Ardigò being for two times the fastest driver and of the impressing Dreezen and Hajek. This positive and winning season, in which we collected very important titles, ends up with this WSK race . Other than this, many drivers and teams raced with our engines and this is a pride for our factory, always able to offer its sporting customers, winning and reliable engines. We won the WSK Euro Series in SKF category together with the Kosmic Racing Department and together with them, which is the Team managed by Marechal, we also led the WSK World Series in KF2 and SKF categories. Furthermore we obtained a double victory in KZ2 category with our Tony Kart Racing Team on the occasion of the Super Nationals as well as with the Tony Kart Junior Team in the WSK Nations Cup and the Super Nationals in KF2 category. The only thing we now miss is the last season’s event, the Macau Grand Prix, which will take place on the next week at the Asian Circuit of Macau (from December, 8th to 12th).